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About Salamandras House

We are a Family-owned business and Pacaya Volcano services experts with facilities directly located at the base of this incredible volcano and its beautiful surroundings.


The Pacaya towers  at 8,373 feet with 28 to 36 degree slopes with sharp lava rock debris. Its views from the top are among the most impressive vs other volcanic sites in this country.  Its weather conditions also change by the hour which makes rushed in-and-out tours almost impossible unless you enjoy marathons. The standard "quickie" half-day tours offered by most vendors at the base of the volcano are sold under pressure to meet THEIR schedule, leaving you without the time that is needed to maximize the quality of your experience.


This is why we offer sound planning advice, basic  lodging, Mayan steam-bath among other services to ensure our visitors from all over the world will experience and remember their Pacaya climb adventure and stay in our little town as a memorable experience unlike any other.

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