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Volcano Ascent

   Towering at 8,373 feet with 28 to 36 degree slopes with sharp and loose lava rock debris along its paths, climbing AND descending the Pacaya can be a marvelous and positively unforgettable adventure, or an exceptionally grueling and unsafe experience. The difference lies in the quality of the planning and expert support you ultimately choose.


   The standard 1/2 day climb and descent "marathon" offered by most tour companies are built to meet their own tight schedules defined by their costs and timing restrictions.   For many visitors, the end results are difficoult to bear.


The combined climb to the highest elevation and descent to the base can consume a combination of about 4.0 to 4.5 hours+, depending on your physical condition and endurance.


Most local standard tours generally result in grueling “marathon” morning or afternoon “climb” sessions that leave little time to stop, rest and admire most of the incredible scenery and spectacular experience  you probably were expecting.


   Bottom line: Regardless of your physical condition and age, the combined effort required for both climb AND descent is exceptionally intense due to the extreme slopes and walking surface conditions along the volcano's paths. The typical "marathon"  tour robs you of a lifetime experience that only solid planning can yield.

Why Us?

   While the Pacaya is among the more accessible volcanoes in the continent due to its short drive distance between Guatemala city, its ascent and descent does require very careful planning, expert  timing and appropriate on-site resources.  This is where we come in ...


   Salamandras House provides you with a balanced combination of host guidance and its own resources plus qualified guides to make your Pacaya experience positively unforgettable.


   We are a Family-owned business that is directly located at the base of the Pacaya 24 x 7.


   We custom-tailor EACH client's schedule to fit their unique needs and expectations.  Our support  services adjust to your own pace, based on your physical condition and your tour goals.


   We invite you to contacts us by phone or email HERE to receive an affordable program proposal from us...

8,373 Feet


28 to 36 Degrees Climb Slope

Pacaya Volcano

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